Kreasi Bikin Rawon Daging Gurih dan Nikmat

Kreasi Bikin Rawon Daging Gurih dan Nikmat - Bogor is a city worth visiting. No less than thousands of people, especially of the capital came to a city located in the south of this capital city every weekend. Famous tourist area in Bogor is tops. A cool air and fresh air makes people make Bogor a tourist destination every weekends. However, not only beautiful destinations, culinary tours in Bogor was no less special. Not complete it comes to Bogor without enjoying the typical culinary tours.


Some typical culinary bogor has been popular in Indonesia. Among them is taro pickled Bogor and Bogor. But in the city of Bogor and its surroundings are also several places to eat that is fun to visit. In addition to offering a distinctive menu and specials, culinary tours in Bogor and its surroundings also offer a beautiful dining and exotic. Of the few places in Bogor delicious culinary, the following 5 of them:


From the name alone, pizzeria is located at Jalan Pangrango No. 21 already makes us curious. Serves pizza as the main menu, this shop also serves other menus such as cap cay, fu yung O, claypots know, and so forth. What is special is pizza. Pizza here is cooked using firewood to produce a unique flavor. Large enough size larger than usual standard pizza you ordered in a restaurant abroad.


This eating place so one of my favorite places in Bogor nongkrongnya young children. The address is on Jl. Salak No. 24. Maccaroni with cheese topping is served warm after burned, causing a delicious flavor. Plus mayonnaise sauce and ketchup to make anyone be tempted by it. There are three sizes can be ordered here, small, medium, and large.

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